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Production process

Obtaining freeze-dried coffee is an amazing process.

In CAFESCA we possess the most recent technology. We maintain strict control and monitoring of all stages of the process, guaranteeing the quality of our production.

Different stages of production include:


Roasting.- The purpose of roasting is to develop aroma, color and soluble solids of the coffee.

Grinding.- The toasted grain size reduction eases the next stage: soluble solids removal.

Extraction.- Once the beans have the appropriate particle size, they come to battery removal, where closed containers come into contact with water at specific pressure and temperature. This allows us to obtain the soluble solids.

* AROMA recovery.- During the extraction process, our technology allows us to recover the "fraction of aroma", that is subsequently returned to the concentrated coffee extract.

Centrifugation.- The extract is centrifuged to remove the insoluble solids that exist in the product.

Concentration.- The extract is concentrated in a three-stage-system which reduces the water content. This increases the proportion of soluble solids.

Foaming.-  Dry air is injected into the concentrated extract molecules to increase its size and facilitate the exchange of heat in the following process.

Freezing.- The extracted foamed liquid is poured into a band that moves within a large cold room. At the end of the process the extract forms a solid mass containing ice and coffee.

Granulation.- Within the fourth cold milling extract paste is transformed into small granules whose size shall be kept until the final product.

Freeze-drying.- The granulated product is loaded into trays that are individually introduced to the freeze drying vacuum tunnel, where the water content is sublimated (removed).

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