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Freeze-dried Coffee

Freeze-dried coffee is a soluble product obtained through a sophisticated process called "lyophilization". Its main characteristic being that once it comes into contact with water, coffee releases all its aromatic components and maintains the same quality that it had before being lyophilized.

This process of freeze-drying is mainly used in the food industry for preservation purposes. The product is frozen and introduced into a vacuum chamber to remove through sublimation (from solid to gas). This drying procedure manages to eliminate virtually all of the water contained in the product but at the same time masterfully preserving its aromas.

Therefore, freeze-drying is a process that adds more value to coffee, providing an excellent profile for each cup in flavour, aroma and balance.

Benefits of freeze-dried coffee:

• Combines the characteristics of a good roasted and grinded coffee with the practicality of an instant drink
• High solubility
• Aromatic and balanced
• Ideal for mixes and the preparation of coffee based drinks
• Longer shelf life, preserving its quality for approximately 24 months



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