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Coffee from Mexico and Chiapas

• Mexico produces an average of 4 million bags of green coffee. 96% is Arabica and the remaining 4% is Robusta coffee.

• It is currently one of the top 10 countries producing and exporting country.

• The coffee produced is mainly found on the slopes of the mountain ranges in the Centre and South of the country. All these are strategic areas for the conservation of biodiversity.

• More than 70% of Mexican coffee plantations are found above 600 meters altitude, coupled with microclimates, allowing for a higher quality. High grown coffee is the most sought after and is grown 900 meters above the sea level.

• Of the 12 coffee producing States, the following four account for the majority of production: Chiapas, Veracruz, Puebla and Oaxaca.


Chiapas is the principal producer of Coffee in Mexico.


• The participation of indigenous peoples is a determining factor. Of the total producers, approximately 70% are indigenous with cultivating land not exceeding 5 hectares, which have made the coffee their way of life and depend on it for subsistence.

• In many mountain regions of the State, coffee is an IRREPLACEABLE crop dating back for generations.

• Chiapas is one of the main producers of certified coffee in the world.

• Its climate, volcanic soil, rainfall and the warmth of its people make Chiapas an ideal place to get the best coffee.

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