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Value chain

Coffee producers

Coffee farming is the most important stage in the supply chain.

Mexico is one of the world’s top ten producers and exporters of coffee. Chiapas is a state that concentrates mostly on the stage of coffee, obtained from small groups of growers, organized in economic production units. These producers use various ancestral cultivation techniques meanwhile maintaining sustainable practices and the natural environment. Thanks to this, today Chiapas is the main producer of certified coffees in Mexico.

The ECOM group provides programs, consultancy and financing. Its origin-integrated scheme, allows us to supply globally and participate within the stages of the supply chain, beginning with producing locally to delivering the final product meanwhile monitoring and tracing the development.


Our strategy is based on the development and implementation of sustainable practices. Our process of freeze-drying does not involve the use of chemicals. We rely on modern technology, which is operated by qualified personnel that follow the flow of operations and good manufacturing practices, thus complying with high quality standards.

Trading platform

Being in a multimodal corridor gives us all the necessary elements to have highly efficient logistics systems for the development of our business and the delivery of our products.

Our operational structure allows us to work with our clients in an integrated manner. They can take part in any stage of the coffee production to ensure client satisfaction. We pride ourselves with our highly qualified personnel in each function of production.

In CAFESCA we don’t just sell coffee...We build business!

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