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The 4 P's of CAFESCA’s sustainability            

Our corporate strategy is focused on achieving the total sustainable practices. This is why CAFESCA is taking action within the four fundamental pillars to contribute to the conservation of the environment and to the socio-economic development.



ECOM Group works closely with farmers to help them with:

• Funding.
• Improving agricultural practices toward becoming certified. 
• Technical and trading assistance.


• CAFESCA has introduced a high profile working industry to the region.
• We favor local talent employment.
• Higher wages and employment benefits.
• Gender equality.


• We use good manufacturing practices.
• Non-invasive process:  Coffee + water.
• Technological research for improvement in productivity.


A sustainable product is that one considers along the entire supply chain the best conditions for environmental care and the improvement in quality of life.

• We focus on producing and marketing certified coffee.
• We select suppliers that share our philosophy for the development of our products.


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