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Social equity

Historically coffee production has been linked to the social sector and it’s mostly produced in emerging countries, leaving millions of people dependent on this crop.

Our coffee is primarily run by smallholders. In Chiapas, 70% of coffee producers are natives farming on small pieces of land (up to 5 hectares), making coffee production their main source of income.

This is why CAFESCA is highly committed to the development of strategies to improve efficiency and quality of coffee, which in turn will increase output at a lower cost and increase income for farmers allowing a higher quality of life for families in Chiapas.

ECOM Group provides:

• Technical advice to farmers obtain better harvests and higher prices.
• Funding for the development of their crops (invest in fertilizers and machinery, etc).
• Development and implementation of community-based social and environmental projects.

In addition, CAFESCA offers:

• Employment for population of Chiapas.
• High salary and gender equality.
• Qualify staff that maintains high industrial standards.
• Transfer of technology to the community.

At CAFESCA we work for the social and economic development of our region. The coffee is processed in a unique manner that adds value to our coffee. Our project maintains constant integration of clients at every level of production.


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